Zeiss Supreme Prime 40mm T1.5 Lens

A high-speed prime lens designed for full-frame and Super 35 cinematography.

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Part of the acclaimed Zeiss Supreme Prime series, the 40mm Supreme is a full-frame cinematography lens which also covers Super35 size sensor cameras. With a T1.5 maximum aperture, it is also an extremely fast lens, making it well suited to low-light conditions. The 40mm focal length can often be considered a useful lens to have available when a 35mm is just a little bit too wide and the 50mm goes too far in the opposite direction.

The lens is compatible with a range of cameras including the Sony VENICE (FF), ARRI ALEXA Mini LF (FF) and Sony FS7 MKII (S35).

We also offer a 5-way Zeiss Supreme Prime set as well as many other individual focal lengths in the series.

Focal Length 40mm
T-Stop Range T1.5-T22
Format Size FF
Image Circle ø46.3mm
Close Focus 1ft 5in
Front Diameter 95mm
Focus Rotation 300°
Lens Length 121mm
Weight 1.49kg
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