Richard Gale Optics CLAVIUS 4-way Lens Set

A set of very unique, customisable full frame lenses, based (quite loosely) on a rehousing of the vintage Helios 58mm prime.

  • £550.00
  • £660.00
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Available to hire

Bizarre, crazy, eccentric, surreal, unorthodox, scandalous… these are just a few of the words that we’ve heard when CLAVIUS lenses are being talked about.

These are one of a kind lenses, unique in character, and present endless creative options (for when you have exhausted yourself testing every set of rehoused glass, Blackwings… or that fabled lens tucked away in the Woodland Hills that Peckinpah used to shoot Pat Garret and Billy the Kid). But words alone somehow fail to convey what the essence of what these lenses are really about… we really recommend that you make a trip over to Shoot Blue and experience these for yourself.

Presented as a four lens set, comprising of 28mm, 38mm, 58mm and 88mm focal lengths, each CLAVIUS lens has a 95mm front and share a f/2 maximum aperture. The set is PL mounted and covers Full Frame, making them compatible with FF cameras such as the Venice and Mini LF as well an option for S35 format cameras.

  • Richard Gale Optics CLAVIUS 28mm f/2
  • Richard Gale Optics CLAVIUS 38mm f/2
  • Richard Gale Optics CLAVIUS 58mm f/2
  • Richard Gale Optics CLAVIUS 88mm f/2

Note: we have a selection of ‘Trump’ aperture disks which allow the lenses to be tuned/customised for creating different looks and effects. These are not included with the rental kit and must be installed by one of our technicians prior to the hire commencing. Please speak to our bookings team if you would like to try out the different effect options or have the lenses customised with these.

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