Astera Helios Tube 8-way Kit

All the features of the popular Titan Tube but in a smaller, 2? format.

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All the features made the popular Titan Tube but in a smaller, 2′ format.

The Astera Helios tube is a highly versatile LED film light with precise RGBW colour rendering. At just under 2′ length, the Helios tube is just over half the size of the acclaimed Astera Titan (or AX1 pixeltube) fixture, making it useful for more confined spaces and where portability is essential.

The Helios tube features 8 pixel banks, each of which can be independently programmed. The white output is also tunable, with a range from 1,750K to 20,000K. Like the Titan, the Helios tube has an internal battery pack, integrated display and a wireless control interface.

Our Astera Helios lighting kits includes 8 tubes with an integrated charger/DMX interface, rigging hardware and floor stands.