Ratpac AKS Plus Wireless 4-Way Receiver Kit

For wireless (CRMX) lighting control using Apps such as Luminair. Compatible with ARRI Skypanels and other DMX lighting fixtures.

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Seamlessly control wireless lighting fixtures with Ratpac’s latest addition to the family, the AKS Plus. Whilst being small enough to fit in your hand it boasts a powerful router allowing you full CRMX control up to 250 ft away.

We currently stock a range of film lighting fixtures with a wireless CRMX interface, including:

Kino Flo FreeStyle 21
Kino Flo FreeStyle 31
Digital Sputnik DS1
Astera Pixeltube
ARRI SkyPanel S360
K5600 Joker Bug 2 800w

For lighting fixtures which don’t have a built in CRMX (LumenRadio) interface, the RatPac Cintennas included in this kit create a wireless connection to the AKS Plus unit. The Cinetennas plug directly into the DMX port of a lighting fixture and do not require any additional rigging or power supply. The AKS Plus also has a DMX (wired) interface for connection to conventional DMX networks.

This kit includes the Racpac AKS Plus, 4 x RatPac Cinetenna CRMX receivers, cables and an iPad Mini tablet with Luminair 3 installed.

We also hire both the AKS Plus and Cintenna units separately.

  • 1x RatPac AKS Plus
  • 4 x RatPac Cintenna Battery RX
  • Set of cables
  • Apple iPad Mini 3 tablet & charger
  • Luminair 3 App (installed on iPad)

2.75 x 3.75 x 2″(AKS Unit only)


450g (AKS Unit only)

Battery Life

20 Hours

AKS Unit Range

76 Metres (250ft)

Cintenna Range

400 Metres (1320 Ft)

AKS Plus Unit
Cintenna RX
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