Astera Titan Tube 4-way Kit

Highly versatile, battery powered wireless RGB LED tube light

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The Titan Tube is Astera’s latest addition to their LED Pixel Tube range following on from the extremely popular AX1 Pixeltube. The Titan Tube boast the same unique design along with additional features over the original AX1. These features include improved TCLI and CRI performance, a higher white light output and an integrated control panel making them more suited to Film and Television production.

We recommend using these lights with our ART 7 wireless control kits. This allows a large variety of extra features to be used, such as the DJ Feature which allows the lights to analyse and react to music in real time, TruColour Calibration which allows the lights to replicate CT and Filter Gels and the ability to fully control all 16-pixel banks along with many more impressive effects.

Our comprehensive kits come kitted out with an array or grip options allowing you to mount and use these lights to their full potential. We are also able hire out the Titan Tubes individually.

  • x4 Titan Tube
  • x8 Tube Clamp
  • x8 Eye Bolt
  • x4 Floor Stand
  • x8 Safety Pin
  • x4 Charger
  • x4 13a Mains Cable


Total LED power:




Beam Angle:


Pixel Banks:


Internal Battery Runtime:

Up to 20 hours


Supports CRMX and W-DMX

IP Rating:



1.35kg /3Lbs?(Each Tube)


42 x 1035mm / 1.6? x H40.7? (Each Tube)

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