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Kino Flo FreeStyle 4 LED

An updated LED version of the classic '4x4 Kino'. Features full RGB colour control and wireless DMX interface.

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The FreeStyle 4 is an update on the popular and highly regarded Kino Flo 4×4 fluorescent fixture (beloved of Gaffers the world over). The FreeStyle 4 is designed in the same, familiar 4-way tube format as the legacy Kino 4×4 light but with the added benefits of LED film lighting technology including full spectrum RGB colour control.

As with all Kino Flo lights, the FreeStyle 4 produces a soft, precise light which is suited to a range of cinematography styles. Other advanced features include a wireless DMX (CRMX) interface and a dual AC/DC power supply for mains or battery powering.

The FreeStyle 4 (also known as a T44) is fully dimming with a range of 1-100% and also boasts an FX and Gel mode. The FX mode can be used to generate flicker, flame and paparazzi effects whilst the gel mode allows the light to recreate a vast number of traditional and obscure coloured gels.

  • FreeStyle T44 LED Fixture
  • Freestyle 140 DMX Controller
  • Standard Power & Mounting Solutions
  • Travel Case
Colour Temperature



Wireless DMX System


6 Kg


132 x 33 x 9cm/52 x 13 x 3.5″

LED Tube Projection


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