Light Bridge C-DRIVE CRLS Kit

Set of CRLS reflectors in a range of popular sizes and diffusion strengths.

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The Cine Reflective Light System (CRLS) has quickly become a popular choice for precise light shaping and intensity control. Suitable for use with both natural/available and artificial light sources, The Light Bridge C-Drive kit contains a versatile selection of C-Reflectors, mounting hardware and accessories, making it useful for operating in confined spaces as well as passing the light beam across multiple reflectors & diffusions.


4 x 50x50cm C-Reflectors (diff 1-4)
4 x 25x25cm C-Reflectors (diff 1-4)
4 x 15x15cm C-Reflectors (diff 1-4)
4 x 7x7cm C-Reflectors (diff 1-4)
2 x C-Wheels male
2 x C-Wheels female
1 x spare safety wedge
4 x safety cables
1 x cleaning kit

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