Practical Bulb Kit

A useful selection of conventional incandescent light bulbs, including clear, pearl and colours

  • £42.00
  • £50.40
  • Contact us for long term or weekly hire rates.

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A selection of incandescent bulbs designed to get you out of a pinch on location. We’ve created a selection of bulbs in both Edison E27 and Bayonet  B22 mounts, including daylight and colour options.  Please check out the included kit for full details of our Practical Bulb Kit.


  • 5x 100W Clear  (70W Eco – 100W effective)
  • 5x 60W Clear
  • 2x 100W Clear Daylight
  • 2x 60W Clear Daylight
  • 1x 60W Pearl Pink
  • 1x 60W Pearl Green
  • 1x 60W Pearl Blue
  • 1x 60W Pearl Amber
  • 1x 60W Pearl Yellow
  • 1x 60W Clear FireGlow Red


  • 5x 100W Clear
  • 5x 60W Clear ( 42W Eco – 60W effective)
  • 2x 100W Clear Daylight
  • 2x 60W Clear Daylight