Laowa 24mm T14 2x Macro Probe Lens

Wide-angle borescope lens which lends itself to wildlife, special effects shots, miniatures and otherwise inaccessible filming locations.

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The Laowa 24mm macro probe is a PL-mounted boroscope lens featuring a waterproof front barrel and built-in LED ring light. Compatible with both Full-Frame and Super 35mm sensor cameras, it also features a 85° field of view and focus & iris gear rings for remote lens control.

A highly useful lens for when you need to get closer to the subject and create a unique bug-eye perspective otherwise unobtainable with regular cinematography lenses.

Focal Length 24mm
T-Stop Range T14-T40
Format Size FF
Image Circle ø43.3mm
Close Focus 20mm from Lens Front
Focus Rotation 360°
Lens Length 380mm
Weight 0.47kg
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