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Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lens Set ‘B’

A fast, lightweight (and budget-friendly) set of 2x anamorphic lenses

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The Atlas Orion 2x anamorphic lenses were developed as a modern, lightweight anamorphic lens set whilst retaining the classic characteristics of shooting on non-spherical glass. Therefore, count on them for front-element anamorphic flare, distinctive oval bokeh and disproportionate breathing.

And, as well as being pleasing on the eye, you’ll find that the Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses are extremely agreeable on the production budget. The Atlas Orion ‘B’ includes the 32mm, 50mm and 80mm focal lengths, complementing the original Orion ‘A’ 3-lens set. Both sets can hired separately or combined to create a versatile 6-way set of anamorphic lenses.

Compatible with a range of cameras, including the ARRI Alexa Mini and Sony Venice. Get in touch if you would like to try these lenses out.

Please see our product page for details on the Atlas Orion ‘A’ lens set.

  • Atlas Orion 32mm T2 Anamorphic Lens
  • Atlas Orion 50mm T2 Anamorphic Lens
  • Atlas Orion 80mm T2 Anamorphic Lens
  • 3-way Flightcase
Atlas Orion 32mm T2
  • Close focus: 1′ 8″
  • Front diameter: 114mm
Atlas Orion 50mm T2
  • Close focus: 2′ 5″
  • Front diameter: 114mm
Atlas Orion 80mm T2
  • Close focus: 2′ 11″
  • Front diameter: 114mm
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