ARRI OCU-1 Operator Control Unit

Recommended for use with the WCU 4.

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  • £103.20
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Available to hire

Focus Puller having to step off for a moment? Leaving the operator with no control over the lens? The OCU-1 is a great addition to the LBUS ecosystem, allowing for the operator to Override Focus, Iris and Zoom over from the Focus Puller’s WCU-4 and CPro Wireless Hand Units.

The WCU-4 and CPro Hand Units will display to which position the operator has moved the focal plane, Allowing for for the Focus Puller to quickly pick up where the operator left off. Once the operator disables the Override function full control is returned to the Hand Unit.

The OCU-1 also allows for users to control Electronic EF Lenses without motors, on ARRI EF mounts, by connecting the OCU-1 to the camera’s EXT port

As well as 3 assignable camera user buttons for ARRI cameras via LBUS/EXT, You can also assign User Buttons for RED Cameras via the L-CUB1 by using a Serial to CTRL cable supplied in our L-CUB1 Kit.

The OCU-1 can be mounted onto 15mm or 19mm Bars or a Rosette via supplied accessories.


  • 1x ARRI OCU-1
  • 1x ARRI OCU-1 Dovetail Mounting Interface
  • 1x ARRI OCU-1 Rosette Bracket
  • 1x ARRI | cmotion cforce Mini Clamp Console 2 19|15mm
  • 1x ARRI | cmotion cforce mini Clamp Console Insert 2 19|15mm [2pcs]
  • 2x ARRI | cmotion Cable LBUS (angled) – LBUS (straight) 30cm | 1ft
  • 1x ARRI | cmotion Cable LBUS (angled) – LBUS (straight) 80cm | 2.6ft
  • 1x ARRI | cmotion Cable LBUS – D-Tap 80cm | 2.5ft
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