Focusbug Cine RT System

Advanced on-camera ultrasonic rangefinder system with precision measurement and distance tracking tools.

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The Focusbug Cine RT System is an ultrasonic rangefinder tracking system designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable measurements for focus pullers and camera assistants.

Comprising of a base sensor unit, handset control unit, read-out display and a Bug transmitter, the Cine RT System has a line-of-sight range of up to 800′, can store up to eight editable focus marks and a high-brightness readout display. The miniature Bug transmits continuous focus tracking information and can be used by actors/stand-ins as well as assistants to provide enhanced, real-time focus marks.

The Focusbug Cine RT is compatible with most popular wireless lenses control systems such as the ARRI WCU-4 and cmotion cPRO.

Available to hire

  • Focusbug Ultrasonic Base Sensor
  • Focusbug High-Bright LED Display
  • Focusbug Handset Control Unit
  • Focusbug Ultrasonic Bug Transmitter
  • Focusbug Cine RT Cinelock
  • Focusbug Cine RT 1/4″ Mounting Block
  • Focusbug Cine RT 3/8″ Mounting Block
  • Noga Arm
  • Noga Short Arm
  • Focusbug Cine RT ARRI EXT 16-pin Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT ARRI LCUBE Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT LCUBE Y-Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT Fischer 3-pin Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT Hirose 4-pin Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT Preston Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT Preston Y-cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT RS Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT D-tap Cable
  • Focusbug Cine RT Aerial
  • Focusbug Cine RT Mains Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • USB Plug
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