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Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure

Get the measure of the situation.

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The popular Cine Tape is an excellent tool for aiding a focus puller to measure distance minutely, freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of the technical process.

This compact and lightweight unit receives a constant stream of data, relaying exact measurements to the First AC and displaying them clearly, streamlining the film-making process and avoiding the need for retakes.

  • Cine Tape extension tubes
  • DTap & LEMO power cables
  • Noga arm
Close Focus Range


Cine Tape Measure Control Dimensions

76 x 76 x 31mm

Cine Tape Measure Control Weight


Cine Tape Sensor Assembly Dimensions

88 x 137 x 92mm

Cine Tape Sensor Assembly Weight


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