Hawk-Woods VL-190 4-Way V-Lock Battery Kit

  • £80.00
  • £96.00
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A set of high-capacity, high-voltage V-Lock batteries supplied with a simultaneous 4-way charger for continuous power.

Supplied as the standard battery kit with our high-powered cameras, such as the RED Dragon, these kits are also available separately for when you need just a little more juice.

  • 4x Hawk Wood VL 190 V Lock Battery
  • Hawk Woods 4×4 V Lock Charger
  • 13a IEC Cable


VL-190 Weight

1.2 KG (Each)

VL-4X4 Weight

2.2 KG

Manufacturers Page

Technical specs:

  • VL-190 output: 14.4V/190W
  • VL-190: weight: 1.2kg
  • VL-4X4 weight: 2.2kg

Kit includes 4 x VL-190 batteries and 1 x VL-4X4 charger.