Lightsock 40

Curved diffuser for use with Astera Titan Tube LED lighting fixtures.

  • £22.00
  • £26.40
  • Contact us for long term or weekly hire rates.

Available to hire

The Lightsock 40 expands the surface area and diffuses the light from a Astera Titan tube. Super handy if you need to feather in a backlight, or working in tight spaces to take the edge off of the sourcey nature of a tube light. The Astera Tube slots into the Lightsock construction, so it becomes one unit, yet you’ll still be able to use Astera’s mounting accessories, and access local controls with conveniently placed cut-outs. The Lightsock 40 also has velcro skirting letting you control any pesky light spill.

  • 1x Lightsock 40 Diffuser
  • 2x Lightsock 40 End Plate
  • 2x Lightsock 40 Skirt
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