Cooke S8/i FF 6-Way Lens Set

Extremely fast full-frame cinematography lenses with the acclaimed and iconic Cooke Look.

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The Cooke S8/i range has been crafted with the same optical characteristics, the warm and subtle yet expressive Cooke Look, that has come to define their spherical lenses, whilst offering a Full-Frame image capture. And at T1.4 maximum aperture across the series, they are also amongst the fastest Full-Frame cinematography lenses available.

Complementing the Cooke Look is the precise and reliable mechanical design, making these lenses that cinematographers and camera assistants can completely trust in any shooting situation. As Cooke themselves put it, the S8/i series are ‘Technically Beautiful’ lenses.

Our set of Cooke S8/i lenses are natively LPL mounted and can deliver an image circle of 46.3mm, making them compatible with a wide range of both Full Frame and Super 35 format cameras, including the new ARRI Alexa 35. The compact and lightweight design also make them suited for todays diverse shooting applications, whether it be handheld, gimbal Steadicam or motion control.

Our standard Cooke S8/i lens set consists of six focal lengths (25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm) with the Cooke S8/i 135mm also available as a single lens option. As Cooke release further focal lengths in this series, we will be adding these to our rental inventory.

  • Cooke S8/i FF 25mm T1.4 Lens
  • Cooke S8/i FF 32mm T1.4 Lens
  • Cooke S8/i FF 40mm T1.4 Lens
  • Cooke S8/i FF 50mm T1.4 Lens
  • Cooke S8/i FF 75mm T1.4 Lens
  • Cooke S8/i FF 100mm T1.4 Lens
Manufacturer's Product Page
Specifications 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
T-Stop Range T1.4-T22 T1.4-T22 T1.4-T22 T1.4-T22 T1.4-T22 T1.4-T22
Min. Marked Object Distance 550mm
2ft 3in
2ft 3in
2ft 3in
2ft 9in
2ft 9in
Close Focus from Lens Front 335mm
2ft 2in
Length from Front of Lens to Lens Mount 162mm 157mm 157mm 157mm 157mm 157mm
Max Front Diameter 104mm 104mm 104mm 104mm 104mm 104mm
Max. diagonal angle of view for FF format 81° 67° 56° 47° 32° 24°
Total Weight (without lens mount) 2.4kg 2.4kg 2.3kg 2.1kg 2.4kg 2.4kg