cmotion cPro Camin

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The cPRO camin, the smallest camin from cmotion, introduces an LBUS interface for seamless connection to the LBUS world (e.g., for cforce motors). Additionally, it features a camera interface for controlling camera start/stop and receiving camera feedback.

Capable of linking up to three daisy-chained cforce motors, the cPRO camin utilizes the new CAM (7p) connector to interface with popular cameras like ARRI, RED, Sony, BlackMagic Design or Canon, facilitating camera start/stop control and camera feedback.

Moreover, the cPRO camin provides the ability to manage focus and iris of EF lenses through the REDLINK command protocol, offering a lightweight operational solution.

In Command mode, the cPRO camin serves dual purposes—enabling wireless functionality for non-wireless devices and functioning as a range extender.

1x cmotion cPRO Camin Interface
1x cmotion cPRO Camin Bracket
1x ARRI | cmotion cforce Mini Clamp Console 2 19|15mm
2x ARRI | cmotion Cable LBUS – D-Tap 0.8m | 2.5ft
1x ARRI | cmotion Cable CAM – LBUS 50cm | 1.6ft
1x ARRI | cmotion Cable CAM – Sony REMote (8p) | D-Tap
1x ARRI | cmotion Cable CAM – RED | D-Tap Cable
1x ARRI | cmotion Cable CAM – EXT Right Angle | D-Tap