Walter Klassen Slingshot Rig

  • £256.00
  • £307.20
  • Contact us for long term or weekly hire rates.

Available to hire

A favourite for some female/ smaller operators, this rig comes with a vest that helps  distribute the weight using a back-mount system reducing arm fatigue.

It can be used for handheld and electronic gimbal stabilization. The center is a set of elastics suspended from independently controlled telescopic tubes, with tool-free adjustment of upper arm angles and elastic tension to optimally support your camera payload.

1 x Slingshot Harness
1 x Slingshot Harness Air Pump
2 x Slingshot Arm
4 x Slingshot Arm Bracket with 2 Screws
2 x Rubber Tubing – Light Payload (11.3 kg)
2 x Rubber Tubing – Medium Payload (18.1 kg)
2 x Rubber Tubing – Heavy Payload (22.7 kg)
1 x Gorilla Grip Imperial Allen Key Set
4 x Tubing Spool
4 x Safety Pin

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