Teradek Bolt 4K LT 1500 Dual RX Kit

Reliable, real-time wireless video transmission up to a distance of up to 1500ft

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Key features of the Teradek Bolt 4K LT 1500 system include zero delay wireless video transmission, super fast reconnection times when signals are interrupted and compatibility with all models in the Teradek Bolt 4K product range. The Bolt 4K LT 1500 also supports HDR (Rec 2020) signals, camera metadata and hassle-free configuration using the Bolt iOS/Android App.

The small form factor of the TX unit makes it convenient for building into compact and lightweight camera setups (such as gimbal and handheld), whilst both RX units come with pass-through V-Mount battery plates, enabling the receiver to be conveniently sandwiched between a monitor and a battery.  Up to 6 Bolt receivers can be operated with one 4K LT TX unit and the TX can transmit line-of-sight up to 1500ft (450m).

Our comprehensive rental kits come with a range of power cables, mounting hardware and an optional Teradek Antenna Array which can be used to improve signal reception in congested RF environments. We can also supply additional Teradek 4K LT 1500 receiver units to enable this kit to be used as a 3 or 4 RX kit – please speak to our bookings team.

Note that whilst this product does support 4K image transmission, it is only possible by using the HDMI connectors on the TX & RX units. The standard HD-SDI (BNC) connectors on the Bolt 4K LT support wireless regular HD transmission (at up to 1080p60) as with earlier generation Teradek Bolt models.

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