Sony XLR-K1M A7s Audio Adapter Kit

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The XLR-K1M is a compact audio adapter allowing you to use industry-standard XLR microphones with the A7s DSLR camera, making the camera more viable for documentary and shoot-and-run projects.

Supplied with a ECM-XM1 shotgun mic as standard, a second XLR input allows a further channel of audio or a mixer input.

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  • ECM-XM1 Microphone
  • Cold Shoe Mount

200 G


2x 3-Pin XLR

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Technical specs:

  • XLR-K1M Adapter specs:
    Input: 2 x 3-pin XLR
    Output: Sony Multi-Interface Shoe
    Weight: 217g
  • ECM-XM1 Microphone specs:
    Length: 193mm
    Diameter: Ø42mm
    Weight: 118.5g
    Power options: +48V phantom power

Includes a foam windshield as standard.