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Look Solutions Unique Hazer 2.1

One of the quickest and quietest hazers on the market

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This water based Hazer features a very short warming up time of around 60 seconds, meaning the UNIQUE 2.1 is ready for operation almost immediately.

The pump and fan can be dampened, which means the sound can be absorbed tremendously whilst in use. This makes this Hazer invaluable in fields of operation where any sound is undesirable.

This Hazer also features DMX control via a 5-Pin cable. This allows the pump and fan to be controlled individually through a compatible desk.

One of the 2l-canisters guarantees up to 50 hours of continuous output.

  • Unique Hazer
  • Extension hose
  • 2L Water Based Hazer Fluid

DMX 51


8.7kg (without can)


47 x 25 x 25cm

Fluid Consumption:

2l for up to 50 hrs.

Manufacturers Product Page
  • Weight: 8.7kg (without can)
  • Size: 47 x 25 x 25cm
  • Power: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Fluid consumption:2l lasts for up to 50 hrs.
  • Control: DMX 51

Kit includes: Unique Hazer, extension hose & 2L hazer fluid