ARRI LMB 4×5 Pro Lightweight Mattebox

One product covering a wide range of applications

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ARRI’s latest lightweight mattebox in their industry-leading LMB range, the LMB 4×5, expands on the features and creative possibilities of ARRI’s mechanical accessories. Suited for a wide range of applications, this robust, lightweight matte box allows for an unprecedented level of flexibility.

From single filter configurations for gimbals, drones, or Steadicam to three filter stage, rod mounted solutions (using either 15mm lightweight or 19mm studio rods), the ARRI LMB 4×5 quickly adapts to a range of shooting scenarios.

Our comprehensive hire kit includes a full set of clamp-on backs, a set of flags and 3 filter stages.

  • LMB 4×5 Basic Module (1x Sunshade, 1x Backplate with Filter Guides, 2x Filter Frame 4 x 5,56, 1x Tray Catcher, 2x Top Flag Holder, 1x Mask 0)
  • LMB 4×5 Standard Clamp Adaptor Set (80mm, 95mm, 110mm & 114mm)
  • LMB 4×5 Extended Clamp Adaptor Set (85mm, 87mm, 100mm, 104mm, 125mm, 134mm, 136mm, 143mm & 162mm, Not supplied as standard)
  • LMB 4×5 15mm Lightweight Support Console
  • LMB 4×5 19mm Studio Rod Adapter
  • LMB Accessory Adapter
  • LMB 4×5 Extra Rotatable Filter Stage
  • LMB 4×5 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage
  • LMB 4×5 Swing Away Tilt Module
  • LMB 4×5 Top, Bottom and Side Flags
  • LMB 4×5 Flag Holders
  • LMB 4×5 Tilt and Flex Adapter
  • LMB 4×5 Set of Mattes spherical
  • LMB 4×5 Set of Mattes anamorphic
Bar Support
  • Clip On
  • 15mm
  • 19mm


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