Ocean Wisdom x Fatboy Slim – FATBOY

Client: Alfred Thirolle

Samsung Clip

Client: Lydia Whitmore

Boodles Jewellery

Client: Lydia Whitmore

Offshore Winds of Change

Client: Mads Junker

His Wake – Short Film

Client: Howard Mills

Emma Bunton – Baby Please Don’t Stop

Client: Richard Stewart

Fleur East – Favourite Thing

Client: Evangelos Polychronopoulos

Mary Queen of Scots

Client: John Mathieson

Farhan Saeed, Rishi Rich – Maula

Client: Rishi Rich

Leo Stannard – 5 Years Later

Client: JP Garcia

Dead Ringer

Client: Richard Colton

Field Trip to the Moon – ‘YOU’

Client: Steve Barron

Antix – Come Home

Client: Jeff Bova & Steven Rinkoff

RIKA – The Others

Client: Luke O’Sullivan

Cold Blow Lane

Client: Penny Andrea

Joseph J. Jones – Speaking In Tongues

Client: Gregg Houston

Creeper – Black Mass

Client: Warner Music