Ratpac Cintenna RX Kit

Enables wireless (CRMX) lighting control for fixtures without Lumenradio.

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For devices that don’t have built in CRMX (Lumenradio), the RatPac Cintennas create a wireless CRMX connection to the AKS Plus unit. These units plug directly into the lighting fixture, have an internal battery (for up to 12 hours run-time) and do not require any rigging.

Supplied as a kit including 4 x RatPac Cinetenna CRMX receivers.

Available to hire

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  • 4 x RatPac Cintenna Battery RX
  • Charging Cables

4 x 1.5 x 2.5″


204 g (Each RX Unit)

Battery Life

14 Hours


400 Metres (1320 Ft)

Cintenna RX
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