Hawk-Woods VL-150H V-Lock Battery Kit

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A set of four high-performance V-lock batteries which are suitable for powering a range of cameras, accessories & lighting equipment. Being able to draw a current of up to 15A makes them a robust choice for the Arri Alexa Mini, RED Epic-W and Phantom cameras.

Featuring a built in fuel gauge to assess how much power is left in the battery, the VL-150W is also classed as ‘flight safe’ making it suitable for air transportation*

D-Tap ports available, speak to bookings for further information.

  • 4x Hawk Woods VL 150HP V Lock Batteries
  • Hawk Woods VL-ATM4 Atom 4 Charger
  • 13a IEC Cable


Lithium-Ion Content

12.16 G

VL-150H (battery)

1.2 KG

VL-ATM4 (charger)

2.1 KG

Manufacturers Page

Technical specs:

  • VL-150H output: 14.4V/150W
  • Lithium-Ion Content: 12.16g
  • VL-150H (battery): weight: 1.2kg
  • VL-ATM4 (charger) weight: 1.1kg

Our rental kit includes: 4 x VL-150H batteries, Hawk-Woods VL-ATM4 4-way charger and IEC power cord.

*Important information for transporting Lithium-Ion batteries via air travel

Whilst Hawk-Woods VL-150H batteries are considered ‘flight safe’ we do advise that you check in advance with your specific airline – the regulations on flying with Lithium-Ion chemistry batteries does vary between different carriers/countries.

Transport Declaration document (link)
Material Safety Data Sheet document (link)
Certificate of Conformity document (link)