Chroma-Q Space Force Octo Pair

Advanced LED space lighting fixture with a variable colour temperature ranging from 2,800K to 6,000K

  • £440.00
  • £528.00
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Available to hire

Comes as a Set of 2 Units. An increasingly popular choice for studio lighting, the Space Force octo offers many advantages over conventional tungsten space light fixtures, including a variable white LED output, energy efficiency and cool running. The octo is comparable to a 6kw tungsten fixture, with up to 26,700 lumens and flicker free operation at all frame rates.

Our Space Force octo rental kits are supplied with both a bridle (for hanging from a studio grid) as well as an offset yoke, enabling the octo fixture to be used on a light stand. We also include a lantern and egg crate as standard.

  • Chroma-Q Space Force octo fixture
  • 3-way Bridle
  • Space Force Soft Egg Crate
  • Space Force Offset Yoke With Side Brackets
  • Space Force Soft Lantern

Note: fixture supplied fitted with 16A commando plug




Physical Size (WxHxD)

655mm x 203mm x 655mm

Power Consumption

331W @ 230V AC

IP Rating


Colour Temperature

2,800 – 6,000K

Beam Angle


Control Interface

Wired DMX